E4D CAD CAM System

Dr Heather Chisholm practice includes an E4D CAD/CAM System allowing for the same day crowns, veneers and some briges. In most practices these procedures would require at least two visits several weeks apart as we wait for a lab to manufacter your crown, venner or bridge.

The first step in getting a crown, veneer or bridge involves preparing the tooth or teeth. Once the site is ready, a detailed 3D scan is taken of both the prepared site and the rest of the mouth. With the 3D scan uploaded on the computer, a crown, veneer or bridge is designed to fit perfectly with both the prepared site and the surrounding teeth. Next the E4D CAM system produces a crown, veneer or brigde that will look and feel just like a natural tooth. 

This technology not only means that you will only need to make a single appointment, it also eliminates the need to take impressions and to have temporary crowns or veneers made.