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November 04, 2016 | Posted in Dental Health | Be the first one to comment

Hey Everyone !

I'm going to be writing blogs to keep all of our patients informed and up to date on the dental world.

I want to start by informing everyone about how IMPORTANT it is to have your regular 6 month hygiene check ups. Many people are misinformed or just not educated on the importants of getting that pesky tarter and calculus off of your teeth. Although its not a great feeling while it's getting done, you will feel amazing after:) 

Many adults are unaware that the reason for losing teeth as an adult is gum disease, not cavities and decay. Cavities and decay can be fixed, but gum disease only goes one way, and its not the good way. When tartar or calculus are on your teeth (which is hardened plaque only able to be removed by your hygienist) your bone around the roots of the teeth will shrink away. Tartar harbours bacteria, and bone doesn't like bacteria. 

As the bone shrinks away, less and less root will be in the bone, causing the teeth to become wiggly and eventually they will not function anymore and have to be removed. 

So, as much as we don't like coming to the dentist, remember, it's not cavities and decay that cause adults to lose their teeth, it's not seeing your hygienist every 6 months


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