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Tips For Soothing A Teething Baby
         "Teething", refers to the time when a childs teeth begin to grow in and break through for the first time. This usually happens from 6-12 months (each child varies) and can be quite daunting on the baby involved. During teething, children will always want to find something to put into their mouth to reduce the discomfort that comes with the swollen and tender gums. Though you cannot comfort them completely, there are a few ways you can help your child to ease their teething pain. Keep reading to find out the best tips for soothing a teething baby.

Cold Is Key
          The biggest part of why children feel pain while teething is because their gums are swollen, and we all know that cold compresses are the best way to reduce any kind of swelling. It is a great idea to have a bunch of clean, wet facecloths stored in your freezer for when they are showing a lot of discomfort. You can either gently rub this facecloth along their gumline, or let them suck on it using their own pressure when being supervised. I've seen a couple teething toys around that are softer and meant to be kept in the freezer too, these are also a great idea! These are both great ways to help your child soothe themselves by chewing and sucking, while helping the swelling go down at the same time. 

Apply Pressure To Their Gums 
          Since babies don't exactly know what is going on in their mouth (they only know they need to bite and suck everything), it is helpful when an adult places pressure right where the tooth is poking through. You can use a CLEAN wet finger and gently push down on their gums where the tooth is erupting. Allowing your child to gum or suck on your finger is also a helpful way for their pain to subside for a few moments. Always remember to wash your hands before they are put inside your babies mouth and make sure your nails aren't sharp. 

Never Provide chilled sweets
          Cold or frozen treats such as popsicles, chilled juices, or any other sugar-filled snacks are not an appropriate choice for teething children. Yes, they are cold, but they may be too cold and could harm your child’s oral tissues. These food are also filled with sugars that could promote destructive bacterial growth in your child’s mouth. During teething it’s imperative to keep your child’s mouth clean to avoid infection since their gums and oral tissues will already be aggravated and vulnerable.

Don’t forget about the drool
           A side effect of teething is that the child will produce a lot of drool and often this will end up outside of their mouth, hanging out on their cheeks and sometimes nose if they attempt to wipe it. Make sure to wipe away any drool that’s on their chin, cheeks, or anywhere else outside of their mouth. Dried drool can irritate skin and cause it to dry out, creating another irritant for the child. To prevent their skin from drying out, apply a gentle moisturizer made for babies to their chin and cheeks.
          All in all, teething is unpleasant for everyone involved. It is a life event that everyone has to go through and that everyone eventually gets through. Remember this one thing; we always think our babies are in more pain than they actually are. Babies are champs, and happy to be growing big teeth to be able to chew big people food!